This is the motto that we have decided to propose this year for F / A FakeAuthentic exhibition in occasion of the Fuorisalone 2020 in Milan, and that will be hosted by the renowned architectural gallery Antonia Jannone – Disegni di architettura.

During the private preview of the Swiss F / A FakeAuthentic edition in Zurich, an associate of a well-known studio in Basel, at the end of his visit at the exhibition told us how pleasant it had been visiting F /A walking with an ironic smile impressed on the face, stimulated by the peculiar communicative character of the works displayed.

From this confidence we took inspiration for our motto, maybe a bit predictable, but still authentic and sincere: it’s with pleasure that we propose this year to the participants of F / A 2020 to investigate two expressions which in a way could be strictly linked but also representing each the opposite of the other. The chance is to reach a result that will turn on the same sensation described by the architect in Zurich.

We are looking for lightness, genuineness and pleasure.

As everybody does.

Pleasure in thinking about an object, pleasure in producing the prototype of the own project, in seeing it evolve and in the end exposed during one of the most significative design event.

Icons generate identity, in many contexts of everyday life. Icons are the input that generates in everybody’s mind the association between a word and an image.

Irony is in our opinion one of the most significative and challenging quality in the life of an individual, and why not in the life of an object.

This quality denote brilliant minds, able to live life in an intense and intrigate way, experimenting, revolutionizing and enjoying their time.

The authoritative Wikipedia states that irony consists in affirming the opposite of what one really think with the purpose of ridicule or stress concepts causing sometimes a laugh or in certain cases trespassing to sarcasm.

We subscribe affirming for example that, if one interprete just a fragment of it, a drill can appear as the armrest of a sofa, and that the sofa itself can suddenly appear as a heavy and hard piece of marble, but unexpectedly be a composition of foam volumes as the marvelous piece of forniture ZETEL, by Stefanie Everaert and Theo De Meyer, part of F / A FakeAuthentic 2019.

Irony is a fundamental tool for architects and designers, a chance to experience new perspectives and overcome the clichè of the collective imaginary.

ICONIC IRONIC is a juxtaposition of two themes, two terms that if deepen can reveal an enormous creative potential. At the same time if one overlap, mix, turn inside out those two words coincidentally one will generate a series of new and unique, refined and special worlds.

Generating smiles.

And light heartedness.


° ° °



Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC We are looking for participants under the age of 40 to exhibit their work during the next Fuorisalone | Milano Design Week 2020 at the prestigious gallery Antonia Jannone, Disegni di Architettura in Giuseppe Garibaldi 125, in the historical cultural epicenter for architecture and art in the full center of Milan.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC The open call is aimed at the design and realization of a piece of furniture that relates to the theme proposed for this edition of the event: ICONIC IRONIC.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC There is no type of restriction, dimension, material and construction technique for the project designed. Participants are requested to act reasonably concerning the weight and the practical handling of the presented work.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC Candidates are asked to send the material requested to the specific e-mail address within and not later than the day Friday 07 February 2020 at 6.00 PM.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC All the indications concerning the material and method of application are contained in the Apply section of the website

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC Sunday 09 February from 06.00 PM the names of the participants selected by the jury will be published on the website. Each selected participant will moreover receive an e-mail of confirmation.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC The jury that will select the participants to the event will be composed by: Antonia Jannone – holder of the gallery Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura, Marco Sammicheli – International Relations Chief Officer at Triennale di Milano, Stefania Agostini and Luca Mostarda – architects founder of AMArchitectrue, ideators and curators of F / A FakeAuthentic.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC The jury will select the participants considering the project proposed at 25%, at 25% its relationship and relevance to the ICONIC IRONIC theme and at 50% the personal portfolio sent to the e-mail address

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC Selected participants must provide within the day Friday 14 February at 06.00 PM to pay the registration fee for the event of € 600,00 with VAT. The fee will include: rental of the location for 7 days 5 of which dedicated to the exhibition, the possibility to use the space for conferences to present the personal work, the registration to the official channel for the promotion of the event in at least one of the guides of the Milano Design Week, vernissage / finissage expenses, costs for the setting up of the space designed by the curators, press agency, the promoting of the event on the main sector newspaper / magazines and social networks, dedicated website and the photographer.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC The exhibition will be inaugurated Tuesday 21 April with evening event and will remain open to the public, visitable for free during the opening hours of the gallery Antonia Jannone, Disegni di Architettura up to the day Saturday 25 April 2020 included.

Fake / Authentic ICONICIRONIC All additional information about the organization and guidelines of the event will be provided by email to the selected participants.