Antonia Jannone
Disegni di Architettura

Antonia Jannone started her journey as gallerist in 1977 focussing on a form of artistic expression that had, until then, not yet found a dedicated space: architecture.

She curated her first solo exhibitions of illustrious architects, namely: Leon Krier, Ernesto Bruno Lapadula, Giovanni Muzio, Aldo Rossi, Alberto Sartoris, Ettore Sottsass, Stefan Wewerka. At that time architectural drawing started emerging from its strictly technical function to become an independent form of art, expressing a poetic concept of the world in its own right (Aldo Rossi, Massimo Scolari, Ettore Sottsass, Arduino Cantafora) in a similar way to G.P.Pannini, Joli or Hubert Robert.

The same was happening for set design, which moved beyond being a mere painted backdrop to become a three-dimensional context intended to create an actual setting, an atmosphere. Shows of work by Nicola Benois, Ezio Frigerio, Pier Luigi Pizzi and others.

Since 1986 this primary focus of the Antonia Jannone gallery has been combined with a profound interest in artists and designers, including Sergio Cappelli and Patrizia Ranzo, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Borek Sipek and George Sowden.

Her most recent shows have been dedicated to Mario Botta, Andrea Branzi, Alessandro Busci, Aldo Cibic, Michele De Lucchi, Vittorio Gregotti, Steven Holl, Ugo La Pietra, Alessandro Mendini, Marco Palmieri, Gaetano Pesce, Franco Raggi, Umberto Riva, Alvaro Siza, Ettore Sottsass, Sergei Tchoban, Velasco Vitali and Marco Zanuso Jr.

Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura Gallery Michele De Lucchi Exhibition 2013 – Inside space

Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura Gallery Steven Holl Exhibition 2018 – Outside space